Pathophysiology of Growth

Head of Research Unit
Stefano Cianfarani


The Research Unit studies the pathogenetic mechanisms of growth disorders. The goal is to identify predictive criteria for the risk of growth delay and to develop innovative diagnostic protocols to characterize, at a biochemical and molecular level, the conditions associated with short stature.

It also deals with applying new therapeutic strategies to improve the final height of children with poor prenatal and postnatal growth and studying the effect of exposure to endocrine disruptors on pubertal development timing and body weight.

Furthermore, the Research Unit evaluates the long-term efficacy and safety of growth hormone therapy (GH), particularly in relation to the risk of tumors.

“The dream of Bambino Gesù Hospital,
the dream of the Pope, is to help bring
science and humanity to all children with
very severe diseases who need to be treated”
Pope Francis