Multimodal Imaging


Head of Research Unit
Aurelio Secinaro


The Research Unit is responsible for emphasizing and enhancing diagnostic imaging from the point of view of Precision Medicine, increasing diagnostic performance through: 3D Modelling, AI (Artificial Intelligence) applied to Imaging, Radiomics applied to Neuro-oncology, Risk prediction in the cardiothoracic vascular, Neurological Disorders and Neurodevelopment fields. The Research Unit also experiments with new therapeutic opportunities offered by: the engineering design of new medical technologies, 3D printing and Bioprinting, Radio-pharmaceuticals. 

The main objective of the Unit is to provide increasingly simple, accurate and less invasive diagnostic tools available to the pediatric care pathway and the age of transition.

The working group is made up of full-time clinical physicians who carry out bedside research activities, bioengineers, physicists, biotechnologists, data scientists and administrative staff. The team of the Research Unit is also responsible for enhancing the hospital diagnostic assets (Imaging Big Data) and introducing new Imaging Biomarkers, medical technologies and radio-pharmaceuticals into clinical practice.

“The dream of Bambino Gesù Hospital,
the dream of the Pope, is to help bring
science and humanity to all children with
very severe diseases who need to be treated”
Pope Francis