New Agreement Signed Between AICS and OPBG for The Treatment of Libyan Pediatric Patients

Rome, 7th April 2022. The Agreement between the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital (OPBG) for the treatment in Italy of severely ill pediatric patients was signed today.

The agreement, with an overall value of 2,425 million euros, is part of the Italian Cooperation project “Emergency intervention in favor of Libyan children affected by severe diseases“, approved by the Deputy Minister of the Maeci, Marina Sereni.

This agreement will allow 25 non-curable pediatric patients in Libya to be assisted by the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital. These young patients, who will be accompanied to Italy by a parent or legal guardian, will receive healthcare, social and psychological support at the OPBG, and will be able to follow school paths appropriate to their needs. The presence of Arabic-speaking cultural mediators will facilitate correct communication between young patients, their family members and the staff of the healthcare facility.

“The Agreement signed today confirms the effectiveness of a partnership resulting from the synergy between humanitarian commitment and excellence of an Italian healthcare facility such as the Bambino Gesù Hospital” – said Luca Maestripieri, director of Aics. “The Bambino Gesù Hospital will also take care of the clinical tests, such as the Day Hospital solutions, and will contribute to the expenses with its organizational, logistical, cultural mediation and support to those accompanying the patients. The contribution of AICS Headquarters in Tunis, the MAECI and the Embassy of Tripoli will also actively contribute to the project. These preconditions make me feel particularly confident that this new Agreement will achieve the desired results and, more importantly, will give a new life to 25 young Libyan patients”.

“I wish to thank the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Marina Sereni, for this new initiative that allows us to welcome additional 25 Libyan children with serious illnesses together with their families” – said Mariella Enoc, President of the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital. “While at an international level senseless and bloody conflicts, climate disasters and poverty are affecting young and defenseless individuals with their effects, we feel the urgent responsibility to offer our care and hospitality to the sons of the world that need support”.


Patients will be identified through the Italian Embassy in Tripoli and in close coordination with local Children’s Hospitals (Tripoli, Benghazi, Sabha and Kufra). Patients suffering from severe diseases for which extremely urgent life-saving care is required in the sectors of excellence of OPBG will be involved, and their medical records will be shared with the OPBG staff. The Embassy will also provide a contact point at the local hospital, with which the OPBG will interact for arranging the caregiving activity, the treatments to be provided, as well as the necessary care following the return to Libya.


This initiative is the result of a partnership started in 2019, upon initiative of MAECI, with the signing of an agreement between AICS and OPBG that allowed, as of today, to provide healthcare to 12 young Libyan patients with onco-hematological diseases at the Hospital.

“The dream of Bambino Gesù Hospital,
the dream of the Pope, is to help bring
science and humanity to all children with
very severe diseases who need to be treated”
Pope Francis